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Last update: Nov 25, 2020

Things to do in South Koh Rong Sanloem area
(Saracen and Sandy Bay)

You likely found this page in searching for options for island exploration or want to keep yourself busy with variety of activities.

Following are suggestions which can keep you going for a few days. Please be aware that the situation is changing constantly and we may not be aware of the latest information. Please feel free to submit suggestions or reports.

Lighthouse trek.
By far the most popular trek is Saracen/Sandy Bay – Lighthouse – Military beach – Lazy beach – Saracen Bay [ – Sandy Bay]

Lighthouse is a military base on a high plateau overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. It consists of a few houses, a tall lighthouse and live canons. It is Cambodia’s defence line against military incursions from the west side. Bring $1 pp to be able to climb the lighthouse – it is worth the money and trouble – the views are astounding. The canons are live, but intended for military purposes. Military beach is located underneath the high plateau and houses several very official looking buildings with flags. With favorable wind the water is crystal clear. It is an excellent spot for swimming and cooling down. Coming from the lighthouse side you need to walk all the way to the other end of the beach. You will see a small opening in the jungle leading to a path up the hill. Follow that path keeping the sea on your left hand side and eyes open for various surprise stone carvings.  On our last visit the area just before the Lazy Beach was under construction. You need to find a path which takes you down from the hill to Lazy Beach. It might require a bit of experimenting. Lazy Beach is a renowned area for its beautiful beach and snorkeling. Good place to take a rest, have a drink and prepare for the stretch back to Saracen Bay. The path back to Saracen is clearly marked and it is easy walking about half an hour.

Sunset Beach trek.
Sunset beach is the most remote area on the island. It is facing the Gulf of Thailand. The area has few resorts with restaurants. There are unconfirmed reports there is an easy walking path to Sunset branching off the Lazy Beach – Saracen Bay path. The traditional path to Sunset Beach starts close to Orchid pier and goes over the mountain. It is advisable to wear good shoes and prepare to climb.

Sunset Beach

Sandy Beach trek.
Sandy Beach is facing the Sihanoukville side of the island and has three resorts on it. The beach is quite nice. From Saracen bay you can walk there by orienting towards Laguna Resort. From there can proceed via a path along the waterline or take a mountain path to climb at the top and then walk down to Sandy beach.


Laguna Resort has a full size tennis court. Rackets and balls are available.

Tennis court in Laguna Resort


Laguna Resort has a basketball ring next to tennis court.

Picture of basketball ring

There are few places where yoga can be practiced on Saracen and Sandy. Bamboo Jam used to run classes on their restaurant terrace. Laguna Resort has platforms and equipment for yoga. Teachers tend to come and go, please inquire ahead of time.

Yoga Area

Kayaks and surf boarding.

Is a very popular activity considering most of the year Saracen bay is like a large lake with almost no waves. You can rent them in many places along the Saracen main beach.

Surf Boards

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling trips.

There are several Scuba diving shops in Saracen Bay. Walking around the Saracen bay main beach you will discover many options. Snorkeling trips are also widely available and you can spot many just by walking around the Saracen main beach. Snorkeling trips are run into a variety of spots around the island