History and mission


Laguna resort was established in 2015 with a goal of providing a natural tropical island experience in comfort. From the start the resort embraced preserving nature and operating with a small footprint. About half of our electricity is solar. We run a central hot water system and heat the water by burning fallen trees and garbage. 

We love our trees as they provide shade, shelter from occasional high winds and allow abundant island fauna to flourish. 


We keep our prices reasonable as our buildings are constructed from stone with high ceilings, ventilation and powerful ceiling fans. Air conditioning units are known to be heavy users of electricity and will attract various bacteria.

Promise to guests


Our staff is operating like a family and guests are embraced. You will feel like a home away from home. You will hear many stories about how something was built or what is happening on the island. We will treat you with a friendly welcome, comfortable bed, astounding views, peaceful setting, beautiful gardens, variety of good food and remarkable cocktails. Breathtaking sunsets come as a bonus.


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