Last update: Dec 19, 2021

Travel to the islands can be frustrating experience. Here we will give you guidance for doing it yourself. For smooth experience we can organize it for youPlease be mindful that the situation is changing constantly and we might not be aware of the latest information.

There are two primary points where the travel to the island begins. Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville airport.

Sihanoukville Airport. You can reserve a taxi to the town for $20. The fare is exorbitant, however, that is your option if you need a taxi right there. More reasonable option is to walk out of the airport gates – about 5 minutes and you will see tuk tuks waiting. The usual fare is $10 to the town.

Your destination is GTVC pier in Sihanoukville. Please see the section below for ferry information.

Phnom Penh. You can take a bus or order a taxi. The easiest place for that is BookMeBus website. Please be mindful that BookMeBus is a platform facilitator. This means it does happen that the buses or taxis will cancel on you on the last minute. It is advised to contact the operator directly and verify the departure. With the taxi your destination is GTVC pier, Sihanoukville. 

Depending on the bus company it can stop near the outer skirts of Sihanoukville and you need to take a tuk-tuk from there. Fare guidance is $5 up to 4 people. Larryta Bus company will drop you directly at the pier.

Ferry information. Few important points: 

  • You need information from your resort about the closest pier and which ferries dock there.
  • It is advisable to book the ferry tickets right at the pier as predicting travel times is impossible. There is plenty of spare capacity even for the highest seasons. 
  • Your tuk-tuk driver will likely try to sell you ferry tickets while on the way. I would respectfully decline as their motivation is the commission, whereas your motivation is to get on the next departing ferry and get you to the closest pier to the resort you are going. 
  • Ferry ticket prices are set by government and are the same for all the ferries. One way $14 pp, two ways $25 pp.
  • Ticket offices for all ferries are located at the GTVC pier.

Following is a list of 5 ferry companies servicing the islands.

Cambodia Island Speedferry. Posted departures from Sihanoukville 9AM, 12PM, 3PM. Professional staff, large catamaran aircon boats enabling to travel at any conditions.

Romney Express Travel  Professional staff. It is a large catamaran boat with TV, aircon and leather seats. Schedule is unknown.

GTVC speedboat. The fastest boats. Staff is professional, however, sometimes could be more helpful. Posted departures: 9AM, 12PM, 3PM.

Buva Sea. The company is linked to Virak Buntham bus company and sells a single ticket encompassing bus and ferry. This makes is quite convenient, however, before you book please read the public comments on the company on various forums. As of this writing the Tripadvisor and Google ratings are both 2.5. Posted departures 8:30AM, 2:30PM.

Speedferry Cambodia. The company has likely the largest network of resellers. Often they sell you a ticket but then place you on the boat of another company. The resellers are known to give out incorrect information about the departures and piers they dock. Posted departures: 8:30AM, 11AM, 2:30PM

Arriving to the island. You may feel that you have arrived to the paradise and it is the end of frustrations. However, you need to make the last effort to get to the resort of your destination. It is advisable to get guidance from the resort before embarking. Please be aware that there is no standard and each resort has its own policies. Usually the higher the price the more likely there could be a complimentary taxiboat or actual taxi waiting for you. The Online Travel Agencies (, Agoda, Expedia etc) are constantly pushing for lower fares and while doing so are creating a situation where you pay low fare for rooms, but will be charged extra for every service, for example like pickup from the pier. Due to the variety of situations we can only suggest to:

  • Ask from your resort about pickup from the pier.
  •  In the absence look for taxi boats, taxi Cars, or tuk-tuks.

VIP Travel to the islands.

NOTE: Right now we can offer this service only in Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Sanloem. Once we have found a suitable partner in other locations the service will expand.

VIP Travel to the island involves a pickup from Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville Airport via taxi, 9 seat minivan or a 25 seat bus for larger groups. 

From Phnom Penh the departure is 6AM in the morning at designated location (up to 2 locations possible). It is important to avoid the traffic and make it out of Phnom Penh early. 

From Sihanoukville Airport the pickup is at the time of flight arrival. In case you arrive early the taxi will bring you direct to the ferry departure pier. Late arrivals will have to stay a night in Sihanoukville.

Our staff will monitor your journey and will arrange the ferry at earliest possible time.

You will be brought direct to the ferry departure pier with tickets arranged to the next departing ferry to the destination. On the island pier a taxiboat will be waiting for pickup and bring you to the resort. 

Travelling from Phnom Penh and barring unexpected events you will reach the resort before 2PM. 

From Sihanoukville Airport approximate time to the island is 2.5 hours from the time of landing.

Following is the one way price list which includes taxi, ferry and water taxi on the island:

Number of Guests
Phnom Penh
Sihanoukville Airport
2 guests
3 guests
4 guests
5 guests
6 guests
7 guests
8 guests
9 guests

NOTE: Overnight stays in Sihanoukville will be arranged at extra charge of $15 per person.

Please contact at above numbers via WhatsApp or Telegram to arrange a VIP transfer to Saracen Bay, KR Sanloem.


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