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10% discount if you pre-book your treatment before arrival

Aroma Therapy

Gentle and soothing massage with organic essential oil of your choice. Benefits the health of body, mind and spirit.
$12,50 30 minutes (back neck and shoulders)
$20,00 60 minutes (full body)
$27.50 90 minutes (full body)

Ayurvedic Relaxing Massage

Deeply relaxing massage based on ancient Indian health principles. Using organic essential oil, long strokes and pressure points to balance the doshas- vata, pitta and kapha.
$20.00 60 minute (full body)
$27.50 90 minute (full body)

Ayurvedic Walking Massage

Benefits muscles, nerves and bones. Releases toxins on a deeper level to strengthen immune system and balance the doshas- especially vata.
$15.00 45 minutes
$20.00 60 minutes

Feet & Legs Massage

Soothing massage for tired legs. Drains the lymphatic system to reduce swelling of ankles and feet.
$12.50 30 minutes

Laguna's Therapists

Antonia And Maija