10% discount if you pre-book your treatment before arrival

10% discount if you book your 60 or 90 minute treatment before your arrival.

Aroma Therapy

Gentle and soothing massage with organic essential oil of your choice. Benefits the health of body, mind and spirit.
$12,50 30 minutes (back neck and shoulders)
$20,00 60 minutes (full body)
$27.50 90 minutes (full body)

Ayurvedic Relaxing Massage

Deeply relaxing massage based on ancient Indian health principles. Using organic essential oil, long strokes and pressure points to balance the doshas- vata, pitta and kapha.
$20.00 60 minute (full body)
$27.50 90 minute (full body)

Ayurvedic Walking Massage

Benefits muscles, nerves and bones. Releases toxins on a deeper level to strengthen immune system and balance the doshas- especially vata.
$15.00 45 minutes
$20.00 60 minutes

Feet & Legs Massage

Soothing massage for tired legs. Drains the lymphatic system to reduce swelling of ankles and feet.
$12.50 30 minutes

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