Traveling from:

Phnom Penh

You can catch a bus or taxi to Sihanoukville. The cost of a bus is about $12 per person and they depart from various places in the city center. In Sihanoukville you may have to take a tuk-tuk to Serendipity Beach Pier - cost around $5 per trip. To make it to the last ferry, you have to depart by 8AM from Phnom Penh.

Taxi to Sihanoukville is around $50 per trip - the actual cost will vary based on your negotiations with the driver. Ask to be dropped of at the Serendipity Beach Pier.


Siem Reap

You can take a night bus or a flight to Sihanoukville. To make it to the last ferry, your flight has to arrive by 1:30PM latest. Take a taxi to Serendipity Beach Pier - cost is $15-$20 per trip.  Night buses arrive in morning hours and you may have to take a tuk-tuk to Serendipity Beach Pier (approximate cost $5).



You can either take a morning bus to Sihanoukville or a taxi. Bus is $5 per person. Taxi is $40 per trip. If arriving with the bus, you may have to take a tuk-tuk to Serendipity Beach Pier. Taxi can drop you at the Serendipity Beach Pier.


Koh Rong

There is a Dive Center boat leaving around 12:30 from the Koh Touch pier. The actual departure time varies a lot. It is better to check the time of travel.


.. any other place

Your destination should be Sihanoukville, Serendipity Beach pier.


!!IMPORTANT: There are two islands with similar names - Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sanloem. It is vital to make a distinction

On the Serendipity Beach pier buy a ticket to Koh Rong Samloem, Soon Noeng (aka Paradise) pier. The most reliable service is provided by Cambodia Island Speed Ferry (http://www.islandspeedferry.com/). Cost is $22 per person for roundtrip.

Speedferries schedule (IMPORTANT: ferry companies change their schedules frequently and most of the time do not notify us - we are posting it here as to the best of our knowledge)


Speedferry CompanyDeparture from


Approximate arrival to Soon Noeng pierLaguna small boat transfer

Island Speedferry:

9 AM



10 AM

1 PM

4 PM

10:15 AM

1:15 PM

4:15 PM


We have a small boat transfer (free of charge) from Soon Noeng (aka Paradise) pier. Arriving with Island Speeferry or Speedferry Cambodia there is no need to notify as our boat schedule will synchronize with ferry traveling times.  Our boat man will be wearing an orange or yellow shirt with our logo on the shoulders.

Pickup from other piers have to be ordered (cost $5) and there can be substantial delay (1.5h) depending on the availability. To order please call us once on the island and be prepared to specify pier you are on. Saracen Bay has four piers where ferries stop - Soon Noeng (aka Paradise), Orchid, Diamond Island (aka Rumi), Freedom.

Boat trip to swim with glowing plankton at night

Every evening at 7.30pm our big boat departs from our pier to give you the opportunity to swim and snorkel with amazing bioluminescent plankton. Moving through the water you will create sparkling fireworks surrounding your body.

$ 8,00 per person - 1 hour approximately


Snorkeling trip and visit to M´Pay Bay fishermen's village

Every tuesday and saturday (or any other day with a minimum of 4 people) our big boat will take you snorkelling around the coral reef and colourful underwater life of Koh Koun island. After that you will visit M´pay Bay, the local fishermen's village of the island where you can wander around, have lunch and experience the local fishermen´s lifestyle. Departure at 10 am, returning around 3pm.

$ 19,00 per person - 5 hours approximately


Jungle treks to lighthouse and remote beaches

If you love to walk, we can show you some nice trails to explore. Like the trek to the lighthouse from where you will get a great view over the island and its surroundings. From there you can continue to Military beach and onwards through Lazy Beach where you can marvel at amazing sunsets.


Other activities at Laguna Resort

  • Tennis - we have a new full size tennis court available!
  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Darts
  • Chess and several other board games


Laguna resort is off the grid and build with love and respect for its natural surroundings. We are continuously working on minimizing our footprint.



  • Laguna resort is partially solar powered. We only use the generator at certain hours of the day.
  • If our batteries run low there might be not be electricity during some hours at night. (usually between 2 and 6am).
  • The best time to charge your phone, Ipad or laptop is between 6am and 10pm.
  • Our rooms are not air conditioned but they do have a strong ceiling fan.



  • Showers are heated by the sun. In case it doesn't shine for most of the day, showers might be cool or lukewarm.
  • Our water comes from a deep well bored through the service of the island. Due to the islands volcanic origin, it contains a high level of iron and minerals and may at times show an orange colour. This does not mean that it is not clean, as we test the quality of the water regularly. However, it is best that you do not drink it.
  • We provide fresh drinking water at the bar where you can refill your bottles for $0,50.



  • We do our best to keep the environment clean. We highly appreciate your support, for example by re-using the plastic water bottles that we provide in your room. You can refill them in the bar for $0,50.
  • We clean our private beach and compound every day. However, the wind and tide can bring in trash from the open sea. If you feel like lending a hand and share some Karma Yoga by helping us pick up trash, we highly appreciate. Drinks are on us:-)


VISA and Mastercard are accepted with an extra bank fee of 3.5%.

Yes. Please be prepared it can be down sometimes. You can also purchase a SIM card which gives you access to 4G network.

You can submit the  reservation request here. Please wait for the confirmation from us.

The reservations via Travel Agents need to be cancelled via their system. For example if you have booked through Booking.com then please open your reservation there and submit cancellation request.

Direct bookings can be cancelled by contacting us. You will find a number and email at the bottom of each page.

Children up to 3 years old can share the the same bed with parents. The older ones we can accommodate on an extra mattress for additional fee.

PLEASE NOTE: we are surrounded by jungle wild life and some areas on the resort are under development - two things not working so well with children running around on their own. In case of emergencies the help can arrive next morning. There is a medical post on the island staffed by nurse, but the post is not always open.

Our villas are 28 m2 and designed for the comfort of two guests.  Extra mattress can be provided ($10 per nite).

The Panorama suites are about 20 m2. They can accommodate two guests. Space is too limited for extra mattress.

As per our vision of keeping the human footprint small we provide only a strong ceiling fan.

We are always interested to get in touch with people that have a hospitality heart plus a talent or interest in: restaurant and (cocktail)bar, kitchen, healthy food, construction and building, horticulture, yoga and wellness, sales and marketing. We have paid positions or work-exchange possibilities available throughout the year.
Email us at: [email protected]